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At SKYNN Deep, we use biostimulating injections to naturally restore volume to areas of the face and body. These injections work together with the body’s healing response to deeply hydrate and plump the skin and promote natural growth factors to rebuild healthy collagen structures and restore the skin from the inside out.


Sculptra® is a collagen biostimulator used to improve the appearance of lax or sagging skin. Other injectables can weaken facial muscles or fill in empty space; however, Sculptra works differently by facilitating the growth of healthy collagen structures to restore volume and youthfulness to the skin naturally. Sculptra injections work slowly and progressively, making the final results more subtle and long-lasting.

Sculptra injections are generally used to treat:

Marionette lines

Wrinkles near the eyes

Smile lines




Sculptra has several incredible benefits, including

Boosts Your Collagen Production

A Restored, Youthful Shape

Improved Skin Texture

Subtle Results Over Time

Natural-Looking Results

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PRP/PRF Injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) injections have many benefits in restoring and revitalizing the skin through natural growth factors. PRP/PRF contains natural advantages, including your body’s own stem cells and growth factors, which are essential for healing and regenerating the body. Using your blood sample, PRP/PRF can be utilized in various ways for specific outcomes.

PRP/PRF and Microneedling

PRP/PRF can be used like a serum and strategically microneedled into the skin to infuse it with natural growth factors. Benefits include reduced healing time and a boost in collagen stimulators directly into the skin.

PRP/PRF for Hair Restoration

Patients suffering from hair thinning or hair loss can benefit from hair restoration with PRP/PRF. Patients in the early stages of hair loss can experience the most significant benefits. The PRP/PRF is injected into the scalp to reverse the depreciation of hair follicles, resulting in thicker, longer, and healthier hair strands.

PRF and Filler Combination Treatment

PRF can be combined with dermal fillers to improve facial volume. Adding PRF to dermal filler injections creates smoother and more natural results in areas with thinning skin. Most patients are candidates for this treatment, and results are generally noticed six weeks post-treatment.

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